About AA Family Dental Group

AA Family Dental Group

Serving patients in and around the Tustin, California, area, AA Family Dental Group is a multispecialty practice that provides comprehensive oral healthcare services. Featuring a staff of experienced general dentists as well as specialists such as an oral surgeon, periodontist, and endodontist, AA Family Dental Group is equipped to offer routine oral care such as checkups and cleanings along with more focused services that require specialty training.

Common services provided by the practice include restorative and cosmetic treatments. Restorations from fillings to custom crowns are used to repair broken and diseased teeth. Popular cosmetic procedures, which focus on the aesthetics of teeth, include the placement of porcelain veneers and professional teeth-whitening treatments. General dentists in conjunction with the practice’s oral surgeon address tooth loss with prosthetics like dentures and bridges along with implants.

AA Family Dental Group operates Monday through Thursday and opens for half a day on Saturdays. For those in need of emergency treatment, same-day appointments are available. For more information,visit us at aafamilydentalgroup.com or call (714) 731-5656.